About The Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of thirteen (13) members, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Non-Sworn Representative (Non-Sworn Member), one (1) Presidential Appointees, and six (6) Directors at Large (Members of the sworn rank of Sergeant or below).

The Duties of the Board of Directors are to review all business on behalf of the membership and act as the Association disciplinary and grievance committee, reviewing all acts of misconduct by members. The Board also functions as Stewards when enforcing the provisions of the Agreement between the County of Sacramento and the Association.

The Board of Directors also governs the organization as to matters of policy and other specific responsibilities, and may direct specific action of committee members, Officers and Directors. Meetings of the Board of Directors are held once per month, with the Vice-President presiding as Chair.

Sergeant Kevin Mickelson

President 2020-2023

Sergeant Nathan Seger

Vice President 2018-2021

Sergeant Roger Engelsgaard

Business Agent

Dana Perryman

Office Manager

Christina Matranga

Administrative Assistant


General Manager

Julie Prayter

Communication and Media Director

Sergeant Gabe Maggini

Secretary 2020-2023

Dispatcher Carrie Lowe

Director 2020-2023

Deputy Gen Saelee

Director 2018-2021

Sergeant Nathan Cereceres

Director 2018-2021

Detective Nick Sareeram

Director 2020-2023

Sergeant Brandon Gayman

Treasurer 2018-2021

Deputy Stephen Roberts

Director 2020-2023

RO1 Sara Masters

Director 2018-2021

Sergeant Chuck Pfau

Director 2018-2021

Sergeant Darren Benato

Director 2020-2023