We Need Your Help! Defend Don’t Defund Law Enforcement!

September 2, 2020

Law enforcement has always been there for the people of Sacramento, now we need you to be there for us. We have two requests:

1. SHARE THIS VIDEO on social media and with everyone you know who lives in Sacramento County.

2.Contact all five (5) Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and tell them to NOT defund the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Phil Serna- District 1 supervisorserna@saccounty.net (916) 874-5485

Patrick Kennedy- District 2 supervisorkennedy@saccounty.net (916) 874-5481

Susan Peters- District 3 susanpeters@saccounty.net (916) 874-5471

Sue Frost- District 4 supervisorfrost@saccounty.net (916) 874-5491

Don Nottoli- District 5 nottolid@saccounty.net (916) 874-5465