We Need Your Support Now More than Ever

February 5, 2017

Have you heard the term the “Thin Blue Line” and wondered what it truly means? It represents the camaraderie of law enforcement, especially in moments of tragedy.  Our deputies sometimes enter into harm’s way in order to protect our community, families, and our freedoms.  It is our job, and we do it proudly.

When a deputy is critically injured, and their family needs support, WE are there.  Our Association provides necessary support for medical bills, funeral expenses, and other critical needs.  We stand by our deputies and their families in times of need.  It’s never enough, but we all band together to do our best.  That’s why I am asking you today for your help!

YOUR generous donation will also support various worthy causes, like community outreach programs, youth sports leagues, and families in need in our community.  As president of the Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, It is an honor to “Protect and to Serve,” but it also deeply saddens me when those we call “family “ are injured or fall in the line of duty.

Your generosity will make a difference that will benefit all deputies, fallen heroes, and our families.  Become a Hero in the lives of those in need! 

Being a civilian does NOT exclude you from our family!  YOU can join and one part of the “ Thin Blue Line” that connects us all!  


Kevin Mickelson, Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association