Valuable Member Benefits

SCDSA proudly offers and expanding array of benefits to its membership. 

SCDSA Scholarship Program
As a member, the SCDSA offers annual scholarships for post-secondary education and trade schools for SCDSA member’s children.

Free Notary Service
SCDSA Staff are certified to offer a variety of notary services to members

Preferred Rates From Supporting Business
Due to the size of the SCDSA, we can obtain special discounts

Social Events
As a member of the Association, you have the opportunity to develop lasting memories through our various social events which include; SCDSA Annual Christmas party, STAR 6 Foundation Golf Tournament, and more…

Use Of SCDSA Hall, Bar And Lounge Rooms
Enjoy more than 8,000 sq feet of space with full bar, large kitchen, audio/video features and book your events at no cost. Pay only a small cleaning fee.

Discount Coupons To Entertainment
Due to the size of the SCDSA, we can obtain special discounts including;

Movie tickets, Six Flags, River Cats, etc.

Access To The SCDSA Website And App
An important conduit for information sharing and keeping up to date with Association 
news that affects you

Discounted Mortgage

Discounted Real Estate

Credit Union Membership